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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Website clients photo album updated

Just a quick note to say that I've updated our client and group photo album with pictures from 2007. Shan has sent us some fantastic photos from his recent trip to Everest and has threatened to return yet again for one of his regular Scottish Greater Ranges training weekends cum Easter Mountaineering course! Despite one of the wettest and most unsettled summers for over thirty years in Europe several of our clients reached the lofty summit of Mont Blanc. While many companies and climbers were forced to abandon there objectives due to the harsh weather conditions several of our seasoned clients and Scottish course members made it to the top of western Europe showing the benefits of Scottish winter training and weather conditions...! We've recently received several Mont Blanc summit photos from Steve H and Peter B and a glowing testimonial and photos from Stuart C that we just have to publish.
Stuart's testimonial below really does says it all...

" See what can happen when you go a Talisman winter skills course! That was in in 2003. Four years later after more adventures with Ron and Fi in Scotland, four summers in the Alps, after nine peaks over 4000 metres and three previous attempts to climb Mt. Blanc (which failed because of bad weather) I made it to the top of the Alps in perfect conditions and with the summit to the two of us - Andy Owen (my guide) and myself. It is a wonderful feeling when everything is below you. So Ron has a lot to answer for, he started it all, with a little help along the way help from Smiler Cuthbertson and Andy Owen and my climbing mate Bill McBride who unfortunately could not be with me on this trip."
Not decided about next year yet but we will soon be in 2008 so I will be in touch soon about options for picking the weekend for good weather!
Regards Stuart

The updated Talisman Photo Album can be found at http://www.talisman-activities.co.uk/images/album/album.htm In the meantime I'm busy working on getting the Christmas Newsletter finished before Xmas...!
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