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Friday, 8 February 2008

Warm and windy in Inverness and conflicting weather forecasts

Overnight and morning rain then sunshine and strong gusty winds took the roofs off a few buildings in Inverness. The main climbing and skiing gully lines still have deep snow though any superficial snow has now melted. At home tonight 21:00 hrs. the sky is clear and the winds have dropped. The temperature outside my house at 400 metres is 2 degrees Celsius and the remaining patches of snow are freezing! The mountain weather forecasts are all over the place and have been constantly getting the wind speeds and temperatures wrong. Last week the winds were a lot stronger than forecast. Tomorrow they are NOW forecasting strong winds so lets hope they get the forecast wrong again...!!! The BBC's forecast was more accurate last week and so far seems promising for tomorrow and the coming week. If that is the case like last year when we had a similar inversion, we could be in for some great alpine conditions on the higher hills with sunshine, warm hands and good solid frozen snow ice on the north faces. Fingers and toes crossed! We have two winter mountaineering and winter skills courses starting tomorrow so will hopefully get some pictures and video clips for the blog.
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