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Friday, 9 January 2009

Scottish roadside ice to French roadside ice

It's turned a lot milder and windier over the past few days. Despite the cold wind and overnight frost, sitting in the sunny car this morning it looked a bit like spring until you got outside! This weekend looks wet and stormy before the return of colder condition and more snow next week. The stormy weather is good news as it needed to buildup the snow and fatten the ice.
We're off to La Grave in France for a few weeks so the Scottish snow and ice conditions will be replaced by French snow and ice conditions! Hopefully the roadside ice in La Grave will be bigger and fatter than the ice in Scotland.
A message for David Finnigan who we know reads the blog...! We've sent several emails re the May 2009 Skye trip and Mera / Island Peak trip in October 2009 but they keep getting bounced back. Have you got another email address?
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