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Friday, 2 January 2009

Walking on water yesterday and above the clouds today!

Another fine, cold, calm, sunny day with perfect neve for climbing on. A light dusting of fresh snow on New Years day meant the crags were a lot whiter and the ski pistes a bit grippier.
An unexpected phone call from Chris on Hogmanay to see if I was available for another days guided climbing on the 2nd was hard to resist. Especially given the weather forecast and fantastic snow conditions.
"Yes, I can do that" and phone call to Fi to see if she could look after the New Year Winter Mountaineering course meant another great winter climbing day for Chris and I.
Despite my worries about the overcrowded routes we managed to get Spiral Gully more or less to ourselves, Steve & Sean Peatfield (Aberdeen) and Giles (Lodge) and Gareth along side - which was all very sociable!
See also Chris's blog at http://pinmaster.wordpress.com/
Today was also the start of our first Winter Mountaineering course of the year - 2009 that is!
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