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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Cairngorm ski road rage, deep snow and fallen trees

Since the last update there's been snow showers on and off over the past 24 hours...
After listening to the chaos and queues on the Cairngorm ski road this morning I went for wander round my local tracks.
I gave up on my orginal objective up on the hill as progress was very slow and tiring through the thigh deep heavy snow. The skis helped in places but were still very hard work due to the metre deep snow and fallen trees.
The weight snow has brought down lots of branches and has uprooted several trees. The snow cover is complete from forest to hill with cornices and snow aretes (that's at low level!) though needs a few more days to firm up to support the skis near the surface!
If travelling on foot it's waist deep in places and quite dangerous if you don't know what's underneath or know the terraine well.
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