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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Over a foot of fresh snow this morning at my house!!

Woke to over 35 cm of undrifted fresh snow at my doorstep...!
The A9 at the Slochd summit was closed until about 11.00am this morning so I had to clear almost half a metre of snow from the car and put on snow chains onto the snow tyres. Everything was going great until I got to within 15 metres of the A9 to where the snow ploughs had piled up the deep snow across the old A9 road junction hence the swearng - I wasn't happy!! I had to dig for over half an hour through the compacted snow to get onto the new A9 just as it was re-opened on one lane for a convoy going north. I kept the snow chains on until Carrbridge and by Aviemore the main A9 road was almost clear. See the You Tubevideo at hilttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac2CGnvZaIo
Skiing should be great so we're out in the forest now. More photos later.. :-)
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