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Monday, 2 March 2009

Coldish in the morning but warmer and winder by mid-day

Apart from the strong southerly headwind this morning and the heavy sleety showers and winds this afternoon, today was actually OK.
The snow was frozen in the morning but by mid-day the buttresses were black and the snow surface softening.
The popular gullies were in good condition but some mixed routes that were being climbed nearby such as the Haston Line and Hidden Chimney were just bare rock - see photo above!
Charles and Alastair wanted to climb some mixed rock, snow and ice and practise belaying.
We made our own route up as we weaved between some mixed rock, snow, ice, turf and in places loose ground as the ice started to thaw...
Good fun and very educational as we had the line to ourselves and could unearth our own gear placements and belays and chat about the erosion problems on popular routes that are being climbed when not frozen or covered in snow.
Fi came in with us today and details of what she got up as she followed my topo from yesterday can be found at http://www.marmotte.co.uk/blog/diary.html
It's now snowing outside my cottage - video later!
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