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Sunday, 15 March 2009

A dry, less windy and clear morning

Today turned out a decent dry day with a lot less wind in the morning compared to yesterday. It was slightly warmer and although the snow wasn't exactly frozen it was OK firm spring snow and fairly pleasant to climb on. It consolidated well with a few good kicks and punches!
Chris decided to try leashless climbing today or rather axeless - until I persuaded him to borrow my hammer...!
With a technical tool apiece we decided against the Grade 4 ice I'd promised and we headed up a delightful Grade 2/3 mixed snow and rock ridge safe from the loose rock funnels and gully belay queues on either side. A quick lunch on the plateau and then we headed down to the car before the forecast gusty afternoon winds and light drizzle started. There's still plenty of snow on the Cairngorm and Ben MacDui plateau for ski touring.
For more details see Chris's blog at http://www.chrishalliday.net/
Fi was up with her winter skills group at Ciste Mhearid today. More details at http://www.marmotte.co.uk/blog/2009/03/navigation-and-snowholes.html
The weather for the next few weeks is looking very promising and with the colder weather being forecast climbing conditions could be stonking - fingers crossed.

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