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Friday, 12 June 2009

Ben Nevis for charity

On Wednesday it was raining and sleeting in the east and dry and bright in the west which was ideal as Cormac and I climbed Ben Nevis! I was covering for Fi for Taylor Made Trekking. Cormac had wanted to trek up Ben Nevis in order to raise money for a hospice in Jersey where he is from. It was Cormac's first mountain climb and visit to Scotland.
He had been training in a gym since the winter, lost over two stone, and had trekked over 26 miles on flat trails but admitted that it was touch and go and probably the hardest thing he had ever done. There were not many big mountains on his home island! It looks like he's hooked on the Scottish mountains now and working out new training regimes using steps for his next challenge!
Lot's three peak charity events running too and unfortunately lots of rubbish, tissues, bottles, can, sweet wrapping etc just being dropped or buried by the side of the path.
A lot of expensive helicopter work was going on to repair and improve section of the Ben Nevis track especially just after the halfway lochain junction and the Red Burn and generally the track is a lot better than it was.
BTW Tower Ridge is clear of snow though the big gully's aren't
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