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Thursday, 17 December 2009

More unsettled but continuing wintry into Christmas

Following the fantastic calm, cold, clear, sunny winter weather over last weekend the weather warmed up and deteriorated early on Monday. There's been heavy rain at low levels for the past few days. Fortunately on Wednesday evening the freezing level again dropped bringing frequent low level snow showers overnight and throughout today (Thursday). The snow fall has been light but the drop in temperature has resulted in icy conditions in the gullies and a buildup of ice and rime on the buttresses. The low level paths were very icy too this morning!
During the brief milder and wetter spell the higher cliffs have continue to provide good (!) winter climbing and even some new routes by the intrepid trio Andy N, Jonathan P and Sandy A. More details on Sandy's blog
The latest MWIS weather forecast for up to Christmas is looking very snowy so double check the weather and avalanche reports before heading out!
Coincidentally SAIS avalanche service is live from today too so make sure you check the reports and visit the blogs.
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