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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Back in Scotland and the roads are now clear!

A good few weeks ice climbing in La Grave, France though to be honest the snow cover in Scotland was actually far far better!
The access roads in Scotland are now clear and the hills have plenty of firm snow. It's been fairly stormy over the past few weeks creating huge snow drifts, filling up the north facing climbing gullies, banking out the the crags and burying the Cairngorm ski area! The recent thaws and refreezes have now created good neve and climbing conditions with many winter climbers taking advantage of these conditions this weekend. While the mountain conditions are far better the low level roadside icefalls have now gone. Many high level cross country forest ski trails are still complete but very firm and icy in the morning!
A few photos from our ninth annual trip to La Grave can be found on Fi's blog here
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