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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Thigh to waist deep snow everywhere!

The A9 was re-opened today however once you get on the road it is almost impossible to stop anywhere as all the laybys and side roads are blocked with dense thigh deep snow. After several trips back and forth tying to find some parking we managed to make our own thanks to the Landrover 4x4 and the Berlingos snow tyres. An hours wade later along the old A9 brought us near to my house "Ice Station Zero". We then headed for the icy crags through the Slochd pass trail breaking through waist deep snow for some sunny ice climbing! At the end of the day an other hours walk back to the cars and then Aviemore to drop everyone off before returning back for yet another hours walk home with supplies by headtorch!!!
More details and photos on Fi's blog here
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