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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Drifting snow and big winds!

The weather has again been very stormy with lots of drifting snow, easterly winds and a high avalanche risk throughout the Northern Corries.
Fi and KC returned from an overnight snowhole expedition this afternoon and reported strong winds, poor vis, lots of big drifts of fresh windslab. The winds and snow increased later and the ski area closed completely!
Full details and photos on Fi's blog here
Morris R a Winter ML(tr) and regular client headed up Fiacaill Ridge today and found the easterly winds and blasting snow so strong that he had to head west away from Cairngorm. At times he was almost crawling over Cairn Lochain narrowly missing the cornices in the maelstrom...
I've seen and heard of several near misses with cornices and avalanches over the past few days and that's from experienced local climbers... We've now postponed tomorrow's planned climb for safer conditions later!
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