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Friday, 4 February 2011

Scoured and drifted...

BIG winds and lots of drifted WET snow!
Large areas exposed to the storm-force (150 mph!) SW and W winds have been very well scoured with the snow being deposited on mainly sheltered E and NE aspects.
As the temperature rose this afternoon everything became saturated and this will quickly consolidate the snow as it refreeze solid for Saturday.
Looking into the Northern Corries today the buttresses were black and the gullies full. Sheltered E and NE aspects looked very white with large cornices developing in places.
Within the ski area the Cas and Fiacaill side and in the Ciste the West Wall areas have caught the bulk of snow.
There's heavy wet slushy snow in the forest trails too which will no doubt become very icy later along with the roads and pavements in Aviemore!
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