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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Wild weather!

It's been pretty stormy over the past few days with strong winds and lots of fresh snow down to quite low levels in the Cairngorms.The Northern Corries and further afield will hopefully have improved from last weekend and will ether have been scoured, fattened or buried depending on height and aspect. Once the weather and avalanche risk settles and with a few freeze thaw cycles the winter climbing and skiing should be really good. The forecast for this weekend sounds unsettled but from Monday onwards we could be in for another good spell of weather and classic snow ice conditions.

While uploading a test video onto Vimeo after watching Alan's Kimber's excellent Orion face video, I came across this really absorbing video of Scottish winter climbing as seen from an Eastern European visitor's viewpoint! The climbers climb lots of  winter routes in both west and east Scotland. Some of  the routes are climbed in thin and far from ideal conditions (in the west) and capture the unique Scottish winter climbing and camping experience! It's really well worth the look at http://vimeo.com/10890254
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