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Friday, 28 October 2011

Cragging and chatting!

Inspired by my neighbour, Cyril the squirrel's climbing antics while raiding the bird feeder this morning we headed off to Moy...
Arriving just ahead of us were Heavy and Tom who'd driven over to check out the crag from Burghead the other Scottish all weather micro climate climbing venue!

Apparently Moy Rock had been used by the RAF for training in the 60's and 70's and a number of routes were climbed then?  We also met Mark C who like us was on a mission for Spanish Hot Rock - in his case El Chorro.
Martin H as the crag moderator arrived too!

Fairly cold first thing with numb fingers and belay jackets on the slabs an Pebble Party though it warmed up a bit this afternoon.
As the skies cleared and the sun finally hit the rock it felt like Spain again so we climbed Old Man of Moy, Bueno, Corvus and spectacularly situated Scooby Doo (Moy Bridge!!!) before heading home...
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