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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Red alert weather warning!

Another 5 inches of snow fell on Wednesday making road travel difficult in the Highlands. Today (Thursday) we are in the middle of a Met Office red weather alert as a huge storm hits Scotland.
Winds well in excess of 111 mph are hitting the mountains, with fallen trees, flooding, flying roofs tiles and garden furniture proving a hazard at low levels...! The temperature has briefly risen but is forecast to drop again soon and freeze hard by Friday. This will make the paths icy and will help consolidate the snow and improve climbing conditions - assuming  if it's not all been blown away!!! The winds are currently from the SW through to NW though winds from the east at some point over the next few weeks would be nice. We need more of the drifting snow to get blown back into the Northern Corries and especially onto the NW aspects to create a good long lasting snow base...
The SAIS have issued the first avalanche report of the season here
Latest Cairngorm summit reading at 1248, 8 Dec Temperature -2.9 C, Mean Windspeed 111 mph, Gust Windspeed 127 mph. Similar wind speed and weather to what I experienced on my Winter ML assessment snowhole expedition with KG!!!! Worth keeping an eye on the Cairngorm summit weather station to get an idea of the wind speed and direction by clicking here
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