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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fun, sun, and snow on the 1st of May!

Despite it being another hot and sunny day, there's still complete snow cover on the upper mountain.
Much quieter than the weekend so Fi and I bought a ski pass today and spent a few hours on the piste for a bit of practise on the White Lady and M1 etc. before heading up and over the back of Cairngorm.
The snow was getting sticky on the piste and starting to thin at the bottom of the M1 tow. The snow was much heavier and not as nice as the weekend so we headed back up to the top of the Ptarmigan and over the back of Cairngorm.
To our pleasant surprise there was plenty of untracked and silky snow off-piste as we wooshed down toward Loch Avon. The snow cover extends all the way to the Saddle and the loch.
The snow was so good compared to the piste that we skinned back up to do it all again on a slightly different line before heading back over the summit and down Coronation Wall.
Another great day and more red faces!
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