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Friday, 4 January 2013

A good day but choice is limited and rock loose!

Warmer, softer, less snow and more limited climbing choice compare to even yesterday.
On the positive side the winds and weather were better than expected and we had some great views on and from the plateau. The setting sun above the sea of pink cloud was stunning.
The plateau snow cover to Ben Mac Dui is still excellent though softer than yesterday.

The big Grade one snow gullies are more or less still OK and very busy. Other than that and the odd Grade two and one detached Grade four icefall - most routes are broken or too risky due to loose rock and ice. 
Dave, Kevin and I decided to check out at a long Grade 2 route, I'd looked at yesterday. The route was entertaining but worryingly loose where it had broken up. This was especially bad on the last pitch due to the size of the blocks. 
The climbing required, gentle, thoughtful technique to avoid dislodging the rock. I certainly wouldn't have liked to be below anyone under the current conditions - so well done guys!

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