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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Snow drifts, cornices and a hidden ice climbing garden...

We almost left the climbing gear in the car as the wind was so bitterly cold to go snow-shoeing and exploring instead. I'm glad we didn't though as look what we found.....!
We were actually trying to locate another mixed crag I'd spotted a few weeks ago when out with one of our winter mountaineering courses, when I noticed some thick blue ice. I down climbed into the little gorge, which had me whooping for joy when I found this!!! The 30 foot wall of vertical ice had me wishing I had my sharp ice climbing axes, crampons and some ice screws with me, rather than my blunt mixed tools!

After climbing several ice lines on the vertical main wall we soloed several Grade 2/3 steps while heading back to the ridge and an amazing sunset.
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