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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sunny winter climbing is just great...!

Day oner of a three day Winter Climbing course with Dave who was returning with Simon after their Advanced Winter Mountaineering course with us a few years ago. 

Unfortunately as Simon couldn't make at the last minute it was just me and Dave left to enjoy the icy fun in the sun. 
A few large winter skills groups but apart from that it was surprisingly quiet with very few climbers about which we took advantage of to climb Red Gully for an early lunch in the sun before descending back into the shade to climb Goat Track Gully. 
We then headed back down and just missed taking a stunning video of a skier jumping the cornices of Jacob's Ladder and then descending the steep slopes between the Forty Thieves area. 
Perfect weather, perfect ice and perfect fun yet again... A short video clip of Dave climbing in Red Gully is here.

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