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Saturday, 13 April 2013

More wintry fun avoiding Mr Whippey...

I was skiing last week and this weekend I'm again out with returning clients Rick and Chris for a bit of late season winter climbing.
The forecast was for strong winds and rising temperatures later on Saturday but fine and bright in the morning before the winds increased.
We headed into Sneachda which was busier than last weekend although the forecast was poorer.
The guys hadn't done any rock climbing but were keen to try some ice climbing and learn some basic ropework. Keeping things simple we headed up one of the popular Grade 2 gullies that had good rock belays for slings and an avoidable cornice!
Slightly worryingly deep and slabby snow on the approach but much firmer in the well banked and icy Goat Track Gully.
We avoided the large cornice at the top of the Goat Track by moving left onto the side Western Rib just as the winds were starting to increase on the plateau.
Battling across the plateau felt more like January rather than mid April though once back in the ski area carpark it again felt more spring like!
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