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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Calm and clear this morning until!!!

A mirror like Loch Morlich reflected the stars as we drove past for our early alpine like torchlit start. 
We hadn't had a chance to do any ropework and the guys weren't trad climbers though the plan was to try and beat the weather,get a winter climb in before the forecast storm actually arrived. 
We had really great conditions underfoot on the walk in and in a very banked out Jacob's Ladder. However the depth of snow meant the usual belays were buried and required much digging for four people!
In time honoured fashion plumes of spindrift engulfed us, just as we reached the easily climbed cornice and plateau around noon - the forecast storm had arrived! 
Have a look at Josef's headcam video below or on YouTube at http://youtu.be/m7iDLPzWH6g unfortunately the battery ran out just before the cornice!!

More photos and my short video taken on the plateau on our Facebook page here.
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