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Sunday, 2 March 2014

A bright and breezy day with some exciting abseiling!

A bright and breezy day with some exciting abseiling into the void and climbing back out on superb snow ice before the winds picked up and the clouds rolled during the afternoon.
Mat , John and I had great climbing conditions and superb thread and spike anchors on the route which meant I only needed to use slings!
I originally had my reservations due to the guys limited previous climbing experience but seeing how well the coped yesterday and that they were fit, learnt fast, we went for the real McCoy!
The guys hadn't done any previous outdoor trad climbing and John had never worn crampons or been on a winter skills before, so I avoided using my wires and hexes and put my trusty coat hanger to good used with some amazing threads runners.
It always amazes me how well you can protect many climbs with the most basic of techniques and gear and I'm pleased to say they didn't drop anything and I got all my gear back at the end of the day ...;-)
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