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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Latest ski video music version!

An awesome day skiing from the summit of Cairngorm to Ben MacDui before returning via the snowy corries with some superb skiing on the steep terrain via the Feith Buide (waterfalls!) to the foot of Hell's Lum.
The steep descent down the snow covered slabs, waterfalls and outcrops was well worth it, though climbing back up was hot work, avoiding ice and cornice collapse from the Hell's Lum cliffs above.
A few more ascents and untracked descents before heading back over to the Cas headwall to ski down the piste to the mid-station, then trainers on for a walk to the car! (20th April 2016)
YouTube enhanced video and royalty free music version now at https://youtu.be/_K8R86pjd6o
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