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Friday, 6 May 2016

Friday's ski adventure!

End of season ski tour over to Ben MacDui before taking in Pinnacle Gully on the Shelterstone on the way back to Cairngorms piste.

An end of season ski tour via Lurchers, Ben MacDui, Shelterstone Gullies and back via the Cairngorm piste.
I had a look at Castlegates Gully just as two snowboarders arrived after boarding down Diagonal Gully earlier. I checked out both the gully entrances first, before skiing down Pinnacle Gully which was nice apart from the worrying rocky runout at the bottom - video later!
The snow was good in both the Shelterstone gullies with smooth soft spring snow on top of a firmer base.
Both Castlegates and Pinnacle gullies had tricky entrances, which I first down climbed, with the rocky runouts not a place to fall or ski if icy! More details and photo album on our Facebook page here.
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