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Monday, 18 November 2019

Climbing Mhearad's Fall Chimney Finish 18th Nov 2019

Not as much ice as expected, but enough and it's only November, and a fun day's adventure on snowshoes checking the ice out and ice climbing on Mhearad's Fall Chimney Finish :-)

The climb on the day felt about Grade II with two cruxy boulder moves of 4/5 due to the deep soft snow and thin brittle ice but as the short ice wall and chimney are so well protected it's really good fun, especially early season in November! :-)

Later on in the year with good neve and ice it eventually banks out to about Grade 2 or even Grade 1.

If you too fancy a few days of bespoke and unique early, mid or even late late season off piste skiing, snowshoeing, winter mountaineering or winter climbing adventures that are well away from the queues and crowds, booking details can be found on our website at https://www.talisman-activities.co.uk/winter-skills-courses under private guiding.

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