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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ski day

We try to avoid skiing or climbing during the busy school holiday periods. However with still good snow cover after the thaw and calm sunny weather we had to spent the afternoon skiing at Cairngorm Mountain!
The queues weren't as bad as feared and once the hard snow had softened by mid-day the skiing was on a surface of lovelly spring snow.
A quick few runs on the piste and a very enjoyable run down the 'East Wall' and we we headed up onto Cairngorm's summit. Then down 'Coronation Wall' into the Coire Cas which was excellent.
We ended the day by skiing over and down the Coire Laugh More bowl which had softened just enough to make it fun! See the YouTube video here
Both these runs were firm though not too icy at the top and with lovely silky snow on the lower halves.
On the upper mountain you can still ski anywhere from Cairngorms summit with barely a rock in sight.
The return from Coire Laugh Mor now requires a few short heather hops and a 50 metre walk to the snow fence return route to the Ciste carpark.
The coires and gully lines above 6-700 metres still have plenty of snow but the climbing buttresses are now looking fairly black.

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