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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A summer winter route and a wintry summer route!

It's been cold over the past few days with the freezing level dropping well below the coire floors. Today it was wintry on the tops with occasional snow and hail flurries so we headed into the coires with our axe and crampons.
Some folk were climbing up Aladdin's Couloir (no skiers today!) as we headed up towards the Trident Gullies.
We climbed up Central Gully for a bit before heading left and removing our crampons to climb a slightly wintry Pygmy Ridge. The rock was freezing with snow on the ledges but still plenty of grip for our vibrams and knumb fingers!
Central gully is now broken in the middle and the Runnel is bare at the chimney pitch.
In Coire an t-Sneachda the only complete gullies left are Jacob's Ladder, Aladdin's Couloir, and Point Five (half a gully).
There's still good snow cover on the coire headwalls and windy col.
Please avoid any descents from the plateau via the steep coire headwalls unless you have an ice axe and crampons as it would be pretty suicidal without them.
There's still fairly wide cover on the plateau towards Ben MacDui.
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The full screen YouTube HD video can be found here


Anonymous said...

Hey Ron

Think we saw you today amidst the groupal shower on Pygmy we came down from windy col ish into the Corrie. Did seem a bit wintry for the time of year !!


Unknown said...

Just imagine a life without heartbeats,mouth without voice,eyes without spark.Its very tough...... So its also very tough to imagine our world's charm without mountains and hilly area.Mountains add only outer beauty but also add inner beauty to the world and create positive feelings in our heart.