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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Gully climbing


Accompanied by Carron and Fi we had  damp misty start on the walk in through the wet snow. Fortunately the cloud lifted and weather improved as we headed up towards the Mess of Pottage.
Fi and Carron headed up towards Hidden Chimney but decided to continue up Jacob's Ladder after a quick look at the thin looking traverse onto the Slant. The pair continued on to descend Aladdin's Couloir after the skier and then climbed back up via an icy Runnel.
See Fi's blog for more details here
Meanwhile Kris, Erica and I headed up the gully on a mix of soft wet and firm granular snow putting into practise the past few days ropework as we climbed up towards the blue sky, plateau and the sun's warmth...

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Unknown said...

Great course for both of us. Thank you Ron. As you know, Ron, I had really lost all confidence after a few winter scares and the enjoyment of getting out and up the crag had been completely lost- I would become petrified at the thought for days beforehand and then quite often become literally frozen with fear after being coerced up a mountain. Indeed my fear was getting worse and for over a year, I hadn’t even been able to enjoy summer single pitch climbs outside with any confidence. The pace and level of your course and detail to personal requirements really helped me gain confidence and at no point did I feel I was loosing control- although obviously still respectful of the conditions I was in. I learnt a great deal and really enjoyed the fact the pace suited us both. Being the less confident of the two of us- I often find that learning or improving my technique is hard as is its usually Kristen’s level/ pace and I spend my time trying to catch up at a level that’s too hard for me- setting myself up to fail.

Therefore I was really pleased that I felt I got so much out of this course, not just my confidence and enjoyment back. And I have an idea of where to progress now!- hopefully we see you in Skye- I will email you. We’re off for a bit of climbing this week end weather permitting and I’m really looking forward to it.

Ps I think I make a better snow hole than Kristen!! Haha. Erica