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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mid May winter climbing!

I took another wander into the corries today to see how the icy lines from last weeks were doing.
There was a good path of packed snow until the main coire bowl where I had to trail break. There was a large cone of old cornice and avalanche debris, from a few days ago at the foot of the Trident gullies.
The general cover was similar to last week though the snow was pretty crusty on the approaches and in Red Gully. This was worrying on the steep crusty ice pitch!
Much firmer snow and better ice in Goat Track Gully due to the previous weeks traffic. The crux ice pitch was still OK with the snow improving the higher I climbed.
The plateau and summits are still plastered white and at times it was difficult to see the corniced edges due to the flat light and mist.
It was snowing heavily when I left with large amounts of cascading graupel pouring down the gullies!

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