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Friday, 3 October 2008

Winter has arrived for the time being!

A promising start to the forthcoming season. There has been a morning frost over the past few days and today the Cairngorms were looking especially wintry due to the recent snowfall, so fingers crossed for a good winter season to come.

Cameron and Gerry on Tower Ridge

Cameron and Gerry in the Tower Gap!
The last few weeks have not been as nice as hoped for rock climbing though we have had a few days out climbing in Glen Nevis and on Tower Ridge. Gerry was on a rock climbing course with us last autumn and came back with his son Cameron for a day on Tower Ridge. Despite the mist and heavy summit rain we made good time on the ridge and had a great day out on the Scottish classic route. Despite the grim forecast the weather looked promising on the walk in. On the route visibilty was very poor so photo opportunities were limited!!
Fi climbing the crux overhang on Kinloss Grooves
Since our return from the Alps I have been having major problems with my phone lines... I've now got my phone connected and my old BT number back but still no Internet connection or broadband... So apologies for lack of updates or photos though I'm sure that will change once I have my broadband working again!
In the meantime Fi has been adding lots of photos to her summer alpine diary on her blog at http://www.marmotte.co.uk/blog/atom.xml
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