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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Last winter course in Feb - Day 1

It's amazing or at my age worrying how time flies! Yes the last course of February 2012 with Dom, Paul and Vish.
The guys had a mix of backgrounds and limited outdoor experience but really keen to challenge themselves and me!! The first challenge was despite the kit list, how do we get everything into one proper rucksack!
Fortunately the weather was kind but still difficult for anyone inexperienced with the Scottish winter hills. We headed up to the nearest area of old snow that had a safe run-out, for our basic winter skills training.
Snow conditions were limited but absolutely ideal for ice axe braking, step kicking, step cutting and cramponning.
We then made our way up onto the Cas Fiacaill Ridge using a combination of crampon techniques, before the wind became too strong and the boots too painful, before heading down.
Tomorrow some navigation and survival shelters with Fi. I'm sure the guys were winding me up by saying they'd download an app and get the snow-hole post code for their iPhones rather than an OS map and compass - see here!!!!!
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