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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wet 'Fingers' in contrast to yesterday!

A lot wetter, milder and windier than the weather forecast led us all to believe....!
We initially headed up Broken Gully but with the thawing thin ice and falling rime we decided that Fingers Ridge was a safer and more pleasant option. Good ice on the lower two thirds and the bypass gullies on either side of the ridge. though the Fingers are now bare. A short YouTube video from today is here

Quite few folk cursing their soft shells today with everything becoming quickly sodden in the mist and incessant drizzle. Dave had to empty out his boots and I my gloves today!
On the buttresses a lot of the rime has either fallen off or has become detached though the snow is still firmish on the popular well travelled grooves and gully routes.
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