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Friday, 1 March 2013

In contrast to yesterday it was Himalayan!

The weather forecast got it wrong yet again but this time it was far better than expected. It was Alpine today, in complete contrast to yesterdays mist drizzle and softening snow today we had blue skies sun and hard refrozen snow and ice.
Climbing condition were again REALLY excellent and to take advantage of the solid snow and ice, we climbed the Haston Line, video here, then continued up Hidden Chimney for an early lunch in the sun.

Both routes were in unusually icy condition and could even be protected with the odd few ice screws if required, although the Haston Line's normal crux gear cracks and tat were encased in thick ice.

The contrast between sun and shade was Himalayan, with everything freezing up in the shade, that included our wet rope from yesterday, yet warm and pleasant sitting in the sun for lunch, chatting with friends and then Carl about snowy owl's residing at GUB or was it GUM on Ben MacDui!!!
Carl had managed to get some great photos of the Snowy Owl which he has now uploaded onto his Bagawildone Blog at http://bagawildone.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/snowy-owl.html
Anyone interested in a guided overnight snowhole expedition or day trip to Ben MacDui please get in touch...
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