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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wild Winter Climbing instruction...

A wild forecast for day one of a couple of days private climbing instruction with Frank and fortunately it wasn't as windy or as wet as forecast. 
Once we found a sheltered crag and some detached rock, ice and turf to climb, it wasn't too bad, though water running between the ice and the rock is never a good sign...! 
Two very delicate hollow pitches, just tapping and hooking, while looking at gear placements and sound belays, as we climbed, before lunch. 
Frank had never done any ropework or rock climbing, so we looked at ropework, runners and various linked belays, as well as more basic rope-work, just using slings or the rope on it's own. 
The day was finished off practising ballet footwork while climbing through a very soft cornice and then abbing off a soft but bombproof bollard. 
Nice to have the wind on our back as we walked out!
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