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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Nottingham Uni Mountaineering Club's annual WILD winter weekend with Talisman!

Great to see  familiar faces on our now annual winter weekend with Not's University.
The club's name may have changed from the Munro Pineapple and Adventure Societies but apart from that the routines and courses were of a similar format.
Between us the instructors were Fi and Rob with the Winters Skills groups, Jamie and myself with the Winter Mountaineering groups and Jonathan with the Winter Climbing group.
The weather was wild and visibility even at carpark level was almost non existent at times, due to the high winds and driving snow. It was a steep learning curve for many of the students, even those that had been out in winter before, in much more settled conditions!
Despite this we did manage to cover the basics, though in difficult conditions, as can be seen from the mountaineering groups video and photos.
After Saturday's baptism by ice the winter climbers and mountaineers had a more technical day looking at the ropework and belays on Sunday.
Despite higher winds being forecast for Sunday, it turned out a much nicer day with good visibility and lighter winds.
With Fi and Rob the Winter Skills groups headed up to our sheltered spot from Saturday and a had a good day looking at micro navigation techniques and emergency shelters.

Lots more photos on the Facebook Album here and some photos from the students to follow...
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