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Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Hot Hot Pot of Gold :-)

A great day multi-pitch climbing in the Cairngorms with Emma and Matthew.
Another hot day saw us heading to the hills, the snow and some great climbing, on Pot of Gold on the Mess of Pottage.
From the distance it looked like the bulk of snow had gone from the Northern Corrie crags. With a week of hot dry weather there was the distinct possibility they would now be almost bone dry apart from snow melt.
There was still patchy snow left on the approaches, gullies and along the corrie rims.
Getting to the start was damp, slippery and unpleasant, which required the rope and an axe, for the steep wet grass and snow apron.
It was worth it though, we'd timed the start of our route so that we'd be on the first pitch in early afternoon, just as the sun hit the NW face, and the rough bone dry rock :-)
Matthew and Emma had a great day alternate leading, while I climbed ahead placing key runners, supervising and videoing them from the sun drenched belay ledges.
See Matthew and Emma's blog for more photos and full details here :-)


Sonali said...

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saz said...

Great photos, i've done some climbing in the Cairngorms and its great :) thanks guys